What are the advantages of a cloud-based time and attendance software?

There’s a reason that cloud-based solutions are becoming so popular for businesses. Cloud-based solutions offer unlimited access to users providing they have a secure internet connection. While many companies have adopted cloud-based transfer and storage solutions, there are many benefits that also come from adopting cloud-based time and attendance recording systems.

Save on your IT budget

Cloud-based attendance software saves you lots of money in the long run. Rather than wasting time installing software, configuring hardware and paying internal IT staff to maintain your system, you can gain support when necessary from a third-party support server.

Save time and money on payroll

Cloud-based time and attendance software can be revolutionary for companies struggling to keep on top of their paperwork. Manually entering data and processing paper time sheets, will quickly exceed your business’s payroll budget (while causing unneeded hassle). With cloud-based time and attendance recording systems all of these processes are automated, so your HR team doesn’t need to waste time on these mundane administrative tasks.

Accommodate business growth

If you rely on non-cloud-based time and attendance recording systems, you need to ensure that you purchase software with the capacity to cover all of your employees. This can be very difficult to keep up with, especially if your business begins to grow quickly. With cloud-based time and attendance software, you can pay for the capacity you need at that time and then upgrade your requirements as your workforce expands.

Access ongoing updates

With non-cloud-based time and attendance software you are given the most current version available at the time. This software will quickly become out of date as more upgrades and updates become available. The vendor may even charge you money to upgrade your system and then you need to find the time to install and test these updates. With a cloud-based solution all of this is done for you.

Enable remote access

In modern offices, many employees are on the go, working remotely or on the road. With cloud-based time and attendance recording systems you can give your employees access to this software anywhere and anytime and ensure that your records are accurate for all of your employees.
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