Time clock machines that integrate with Reckon

Time Clock Machines That Integrate with Reckon | Bundy Clocks Brisbane | Time Attendance Gold Coast | BioAccSys Australia

It’s a pleasure of BioAccSys Australia to introduce several useful and popular time management, employee records and payroll integration solutions including the feature-filled Reckon.

About Reckon

Reckon is a cloud-based accounting software which also provides desktop support for companies seeking total accounting and payroll management solutions. It’s an Australia made company which has become popular for its features and facilities.

About TimeTec TA

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based solution that makes workforce management easy and manageable. It supports cloud data storage and data is stored safely online. As a result, the data can be viewed to find out the performances of employees from anywhere at any time.

Notable features of TimeTec TA are –

  • TimeTec TA supports biometric access solutions through fingerprints and facial recognition.
  • Multiple employee terminal management  Employee information transfer.
  • Basic employee record functions.
  • Viewing and analysing data in real-time.
  • Web-based Attendance Reporting
  • Mobile Attendance Reporting

How the integration works between TimeTec TA and Reckon

The desktop application has several options. There is an ‘Attendance’ tab or drop-down menu at the top, hovering the mouse over it will open up several other options. There is an option named ‘Export Attendance to Payroll feature’. Hovering on that option will open up another level of options. This third level of options are the different types of popular HR and payroll management software available to be exported out to. In the list, there are mainly ADP, QuickBooks, QuickBooks with Jobcost and Reckon Accounts. Choosing the ‘Reckon Accounts’ will bring a new window. The data can be sorted by the ID or any other field of preference. Then simply clicking on the ‘Save’ button will complete the export procedure. It’s that easy to export payroll data to Reckon accounts using TimeTec TA.

If you’re familiar with Reckon and want to integrate into your payroll solutions for easier handling of employee time management data, get it now from BioAccSys Australia. For any detailed query, feel free to call 1800 783 782 or send an email to info@bioaccsys.com.au