Fingerprint Time Clock is Perfect for You

Fingerprint Time Clocks is your solution. Chances are if you’re a business owner, one of your biggest headaches that keep you in constant turmoil is how you plan to manage and monitor your employee’s time attendance. TA500 fingerprint time clocks is suitable for plenty of small and medium sized businesses, it is sad to note that investing in top quality fingerprint time clocks for time and attendance system often takes a backseat to improving customer retention or finding new customer acquisition methods as most companies choose to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that everything is fine on the surface while ignoring the losses incurred by poor and ineffective time attendance management.

Fingerprint Time Clock

Although employee productivity, work habits and the way we conduct business have been revolutionized in leaps and bounds through technological innovation, if not managed properly, the “hidden costs” of poor and inefficient time attendance management can rear its ugly head from time to time, eating a hole into your company’s payroll expenses if you’re not being attentive. Not only are the resources of your company wasted, the precious time and energy of your employees are frittered away when performing complicated manual calculations and menial tasks that are in fact better handled by an automated Fingerprint Time Clocks or Biometric time attendance system that provides accurate and on-time reports of each and every employee. Now how’s that for a change?


TA500 Fingerprint Time Clock with Free TCMSV3 software - $550.00 incl GST and delivery Australia wide (24 months manufacturers warranty)

The choice is yours. Choose to eliminate confusing manual processes, fraudulent behaviours and errors by getting a TA500 Fingerprint Time Clock system in place today.

Here is a short list of all the features you will find in a FingerTec TA500 device.

  • Suitable for Small to Medium Enterprise businesses – Quickly and easily enrol up to 2000 fingerprint templates and 80,000 transaction logs all in a power-packed device with its flash memory capability.
  • 3 verification methods available – The TA500 devices provides added fingerprint verification functionality along with RFID card and password verification methods that is guaranteed to provide you with security and peace-of-mind. Honest and error-free data is always at your fingertips!
  • Hi-tech Biometric solution – Incorporates the latest Biobridge VX10.0 algorithm along with a non-coated optical scanner that can verify and match user fingerprints within a second!
  • Scalable: The TA500 delivers to client based on their security and time attendance needs and requirements. Going international with your business? With the TA500 at your side, there is no need to worry about language difficulties! Just choose and switch over to your preferred display and software language and choose from over 12 international languages!
  • Affordable – With our extremely economical and competitive pricing package, the TA500 is the one device that gives you both efficiency and high performance without burning a hole in your pocket!
  • Mobility - You can easily bring our TA500 to anywhere you like as it comes with internal battery by default. Plug and play at its best! No need to pre-install any software as the device will automatically configure the settings needed to work with your existing system.
  • Environmentally friendly - No more paper time cards needed when you clock-in your attendance during your office hours. Do away with wasted resources and paper handling with the TA500’s stress-free automated time attendance management.
  • Easy data Management - With our TCMS V2 software, you can easily generate several types of reports like Electronic Time card, attendance sheet or attendance summary. FREE with every purchase of a TA500 device.

So to all business owners out there, it is high time that you understand one thing about time attendance management: Old-fashioned Bundy clocks or card-punching machines no longer have a place in a modern workforce. Due to their inaccuracy, such systems leave too much room for mistakes that can prove to be costly in the long run – Do not let your unfamiliarity and unwillingness to switch to a newer and improved time attendance device cloud your head from making better judgements and become the sole reason that you’re missing out on all the features that a modern automated time attendance system has to offer. Put your hard-earned money back into client retention and acquisition or choose to remain stuck and stagnant with an inefficient, wasteful time attendance system that will only continue to burn a bigger hole into your company’s bottom line.

FingerTec TA500 fingerprint time clock

The future of time attendance is now. Get more information on the specifications and features of the FingerTec TA500 automated biometric time attendance device and get in touch with us at [email protected]

TimeTec TA – MYOB Time Clock Payroll Export

MYOB Time Clock Timetec TA Export | Bundy Clocks Brisbane | Time Attendance Gold Coast | BioAccSys Australia

BioAccSys Australia has a range of compatible MYOB time clocks on offer ranging from fingerprint, facial, and RFID card based systems. These MYOB time clocks can then be synced with the web based TimeTec TA software where all the attendance management tools are made available to ease the process of timesheet management for any business. These MYOB time clocks can be used along side TimeTec TA's free android and iPhone smart phone application to monitor staff members on the move, giving a comprehensive solution for businesses who have office and mobile staff. Each transaction recorded on TimeTec TA Mobile is geolocated and geofenced, allowing you to keep track of employees whereabouts upon clocking in. 

TimeTec TA attendance management tools include but not limited to:

  • User profile management
  • Creating dedicated user access roles
  • Time sheet edits
  • Leave management
  • Create multiple schedule types for different shifts or roles
  • Create, modify, and mange rosters for the week/fortnight/month/year
  • Generate multiple attendance analysis reports
  • Export MYOB timesheets
  • And many more...

BioAccSys Australia's FingerTec MYOB time clocks is the solution for you to monitor staff attendance, movement, and payroll integration easily and effectively, saving your organization time and money in the process. Contact us today to find out more or book yourself in for a remote demonstration of TimeTec TA's capabilities. Take advantage of our free TimeTec TA 30 day trial.

TimeTec TA Attendance Software Overview

Manage employees from multiple locations from 1 software, featuring user management, roster and schedule management, attendance data management, job costing, multiple reports for analysis, and much more!

Create and Manage Employee User Profiles
Create Different Rosters and Schedules
Monitor and Edit Attendance Data Easily
Generate Multiple Types Of Reports For Analysis

TimeTec TA Mobile Application Overview

Manage employees from multiple locations from 1 software, featuring user management, roster and schedule management, attendance data management, job costing, multiple reports for analysis, and much more!

Android & Iphone Mobile Clocking App
Geolocation Stamp
View Weekly/Forthnightly Roster
Request For Overtime From The App

Export to MYOB Overview

TimeTec TA's MYOB export is as simple as matching the payroll categories from MYOB to TimeTec and click on export. The generated CSV file can then be imported into MYOB.

Configure MYOB Payroll Catergories in TimeTec TA
MYOB Timesheet Example

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BioAccSys Australia Time Attendance Solution Podcast

Time Attendance Solution Podcast

Transcript For Time Attendance Solution Interview

Wayne Bucklar: You're listening to Business Radio Talkers FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and today I'm in conversation with Jay Gorasia, Technical Manager with BioAccsys Australia and I should give you a little heads up here for my pronunciation BioAccsys is pronounced bio-access but spelt b-i-o-a-c-c-s-y-s. If you're looking for the website, it’s So a little heads-up there for you. Jay welcome to the program.        


Jay Gorasia: Thank you. Thank you very much, good to be on the show.


Wayne:  Now Jay, I've had a look at the BioAccsys Australia website and you say that what you do is time attendance and access control specialist. Can you take us through the services that you offer?


Jay:  Yes, sure thing. So we're a biometric, time attendance and access control business. We've been in business since 2004 and we are all Australian owned and operated. And we basically deal with anything to do with fingerprint technology, facial technology, and card base technology to track the attendance of employees within the business and then this gets fed through to our software where all the analysis takes over, where you will get your payroll reports all sorted out so that you can feed them into your third-party payroll software like MYOB, Zero, Reckon so and so forth.

Wayne:  Now I know this is it's not the sort of thing that people are going to want to roll it for a million dollars. What about things like molded fingers and plastic fingers and even dead fingers I see on television people using biometric access using body parts? Is that all feasible in real life?

Jay:   Definitely not. Because it requires a live finger and the fingerprint technology that is used to capture it, is very accurate using the optical sensors, so all that you see in movies, they're just movies. It cannot be replicated in real life and if I'm going to tell you it is so important to have your fingers chopped off and put it on a scanner I think you'll need more than just biometric scanning.

Wayne:   Yeah well it's certainly not my ideal employer, I have to admit. But all right, so my movie illusions are being dashed now. So what about the risk of this data being hacked, I mean does this mean people's fingerprints are at risk?

Jay:   What happens with our devices is that it doesn't actually capture the fingerprint image. What it does is it actually captures data points of where your fingerprint locations are and then this gets encrypted into a wiegand format and then goes through the data link to the software. So the entire process is encrypted, it's not actually having an actual fingerprint, image taken, it's all just computer language, all binary language. So it cannot be replicated, it cannot be hacked or anything like that.

Wayne:   Now Jay, I'm old enough to remember bundy clocks and punching in with time cards. In those days if you have a good friend you would do what I think is called buddy punching and while you were there you'd stick your card through for them and they could come in an hour later and they'd already punched on. This I guess has got to eliminate that altogether?

Jay:   Absolutely. And we've had all our clients come back to us and say they're spending two thousand eight hundred dollars per employee per year. And that eliminates buddy punching, it limits time theft so you cannot even forge the time on the devices and it just creates a firm revenue boost for the company overall.

Wayne:   Now I know this is aimed primarily of employees starting and finishing work, but I noticed one of the illustrations you had your website was about child care, tell us how it fits into that scenario.                                                                           


Jay:   Yeah, that's basically for childcare centers and it's basically using the same thing to keep track of all the child care employees not the actual children that are being put into the child care centers. Because we don't want to track the children, we just want to track the pay of the employees and they can be used either using the fingerprint technology or they can use our cloud-based system which has mobile phone technology where you install an app on your phone and it basically is a GPS location or where that person is going to be, when it's taking the attendance. So it's not exactly for children, it's just for the employees working in the childcare center.

Wayne:   That's a pity because I thought it would be an excellent way for tracking who was in the childcare center and who had left.

Jay:   Oh it can be used 100% but it really depends on the consent of the parent if they want that to be tracked. So it can be used for sure, but yeah we mainly use it for employees.

Wayne:   Jay, for the give us an idea for small businesses. Is this viable in a small business or is this only a solution where the cost is prohibitive?                                           

Jay:   Absolutely not. It's a perfect for small businesses, we have a free time attendance solution. So if you have a small business with less than ten staff members, you can actually use our system free of charge. We don't charge anything. You don't actually have to buy a fingerprint device, you can just use the mobile phone app and this is perfect for tradies who are on the go and they want to keep track of their time but they're working in a location and then they can just clock in. They'll capture a GPS location from their mobile phone app and then once they leave, they can just clock out using the mobile phone app and they have all the figures available in the cloud-based server and it's absolutely fit for up to ten employees.                   

Wayne:   And for tradies and people like that who are billing and billing on the go, that would be a very accurate way to keep records not just for billing but I guess for tax purposes as well.  

Jay:   Absolutely. You can keep track at travels this way as well and it's just a perfect all-rounder.

Wayne:   It does sound like it. Jay I'm sure that we've got some people interested today who have maybe not considered it before. This would be a replacement completely for the old bundy clock system. And also it sounds like for both tax and the invoicing purposes for a lot of record-keeping and other matters as well.

Jay:   Absolutely. It's an all-rounder, it just saves a lot of time. We've had a lot of installations recently where they come back to us and told us that it does not only save time but it's given more accurate results. And they're realizing that they're saving a lot of money for matters that they were spending before. So yes, it's been a real cost saver and I highly recommended it.            

Wayne:   I'm in conversation with Jay Gorasia. Jay is the Technical Manager with who do as the name suggests - provide time management systems that are biometrically focused and they are a time and attendance and access control specialist. Jay it’s been a pleasure having chat with you today. Thank you for making time available for us.    

Jay:   Absolutely. Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak with you and your guests.

Wayne:   You're very welcome. Now for people who are interested to get in touch with you, is the website the best place to do that?  

Jay:  Absolutely. We have a contact form over there, they can just put in their inquiries or if they have any support inquiries, they can call to reach out to us. And if they want to have a free demonstration, we will provide remote demonstrations across Australia. So it doesn't matter where you are, if you want a demonstration on our software we can definitely give it to you.

Wayne:   That's a good offer. And that website again is If you just joined my conversation with Jay from BioAccsys then you've missed it because we've finished chatting now. But the good news is, on our website we have a transcript, we also have an audio archive on SoundCloud and on iTunes. And you can access that through the website as well. My name is Wayne Bucklar, you're listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM.


Free Time Attendance Solution For Small Businesses in Australia

Free Time Attendance Solution - TimeTec TA

BioAccSys Australia is the FingerTec time attendance and time clock specialist in Australia. We provide comprehensive solutions for time attendance tracking for small to large businesses Australia wide. We are proud to offer our TimeTec TA Mobile free time attendance solution for small businesses of all industries. This free time attendance system solution comes with web access to the TimeTec TA account for attendance tracking, scheduling, analysis, and payroll report management from anywhere in the world with the ability to track staff members who are on the move as well. The free time attendance application is suitable for use on any Android or iPhone (iOS) smart phone or tablet that has an active internet connection and location services turned on. This gives you the ability to track staff in real time. Generate multiple reports and even export to popular accounting software like MYOB, Reckon Accounts, Xero, and many more. This system is completely free for business with less than 10 staff members, for more than 10 staff members a yearly affordable subscription applies. Contact us for more information and request a free demonstration on how BioAccSys Australia can provide the right time attendance solution for your business.

TimeTec TA Attendance Software Overview

Manage employees from multiple locations from 1 software, featuring user management, roster and schedule management, attendance data management, job costing, multiple reports for analysis, and much more!

Create and Manage Employee User Profiles
Create Different Rosters and Schedules
Monitor and Edit Attendance Data Easily
Generate Multiple Types Of Reports For Analysis

TimeTec TA Mobile Application Overview

Manage employees from multiple locations from 1 software, featuring user management, roster and schedule management, attendance data management, job costing, multiple reports for analysis, and much more!

Android & Iphone Mobile Clocking App
Geolocation Stamp
View Weekly/Forthnightly Roster
Request For Overtime From The App

Export to Popular Payroll System

Export the data to your preferred payroll software either by importing a customized timesheet or direct connection

Generate Reports In Excel or CSV Format
Export Attendance Data To MYOB Payroll
Export Attendance Data To Xero Payroll*
Export Attendance Data To Reckon Accounts*

*coming soon

Perfect Attendance Tracking For All Industries

TimeTec TA web based time attendance solution and mobile time attendance is perfect for any industry type, with solutions catered for each industry

Local Councils
Manufacturing and Processing Plants
Medical Centres, Hospitals, Dental Clinics, Optometrist
Restaurants, Cafe's, Bars
Suitable for All Industries


We have answered some of the most popular questions regarding the Free Time Attendance System

What do you get with TimeTec TA?
- Accurately monitor staff movement live from anywhere in the world
- Attendance records have a GPS location attached to it, along with a photo (optional)
- Edit attendance from the software, put remarks, use job costing workcodes
- Export attendance data to PDF, Excel, CSV, MYOB, and many more
- Easily configure multiple different schedules for different pay rates/hours

Don't have a smartphone?
No worries! TimeTec TA can offer you a browser clock in option as well. Staff members just have to log into their own TimeTec TA account and log in to work. Simple as that!

Can I also use a biometric device?
Absolutely! We offer multiple biometric time attendance solutions, ranging from fingerprint to card and even facial time clocks. Contact us for more information.

What if I have more than 10 staff?
TimeTec TA offers the first 10 employees free for life, and more employee licenses are sold in batches of 10. So if you have 15 staff members, you will need to select the 20 employee licenses package. If your business is expanding and require more licenses, simply contact our friendly staff via our contact form and we will offer the best solution for you!

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