Smart AC 1/TD & Smart AC 1/FTD

Smart AC1/TD, a visible light facial recognition access control device that withstands direct strong light exposure. This product supports multiple verification methods including Face, Fingerprint, Palm & Password. It is embedded with a Face-with-Mask reading and fever detection feature that can examine a person’s body temperature even with a face mask on. The extra wide angle recognition with up to 2 meters recognition distance made this device one of the fastest and contactless verification methods that significantly reduces the potential risk of cross-contamination in premises. Suitable for all types of small and large offices.

Face Recognition : Latest visible light facial recognition technology

Touchless Verification : Contactless palm recognition

Fever Detection : Deny access when fever symptom is detected

Face Mask Detection : Deny access to those who are not wearing a mask

Elegant Design : A compact and slim device to fit dimensions of a door frame installation

Large Capacity : Store up to 6,000 faces, 6,000 fingerprint, 3,000 palms and 200,000 transaction logs

FingerTecAustralia Smart AC1/TD

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