Keep track of your mobile employees

When you have employees constantly on the move it can be hard to monitor them, but not anymore. BioAccSys Australia has developed a cloud attendance system that gives you full visibility of your staff on any job, whether they’re in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or anywhere in Australia.

The benefits of our cloud attendance system

  • If you know where an employee is working you can be more efficient with scheduling work for that day. Utilising the cloud attendance data, you can assign jobs based on locality.
  • Trust is something that is earned, so it stands to reason that you might want to know where your employees are, especially new ones. Cloud attendance software can give you visibility of where your staff are at all times. You know when a job is started and finished.
  • You can identify training issues or poor performance. If jobs are taking a lot longer than they should it could be due to a training need, or it could be that an employee needs to be warned about their performance.
  • Cloud attendance software collects valuable data that can assist with being able to more accurately quote on jobs. If you know how long a job takes on average it is easier to cost.
  • Why manually collect the data when your reporting system collates the hours worked by an employee and enters it straight into your payroll system?
  • You can check your employees’ attendance from any mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Accurate time and attendance recording systems

BioAccSys Australia provide 10 free user licenses, so you can try it before you buy it.
Keep track of your sales and mobile staff with BioAccSys Australia’s cloud attendance system. With real-time information and access to accurate reporting, why struggle to manage your human resources when BioAccSys Australia’s cloud attendance system can do it for you? Call 1800 783 782 for all your cloud attendance needs in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Australia-wide.