Improve your leave management using TimeTec Leave

Organising and administrating leave can be a complicated and time-consuming task for your HR department, especially if you are a medium to large business. Luckily, there is a simple solution – TimeTec Leave. TimeTec Leave uses a web solution and mobile application to automate your business’s leave administration via a cloud server. If you are thinking about upgrading your leave management, then here are some great benefits of TimeTec Leave.

Automate leave approval

With TimeTec Leave you can manage and implement leave policies, rules and other restrictions on a central cloud-based management system. Using this system, you can also apply for and approve leave from any smartphone, providing it has the TimeTec Leave app.

Calculate and check leave balance

With TimeTec Leave you can calculate allocated leave for each employee, even if they start midyear, reducing additional hassle for HR. The system also allows employees to check and request their own leave allowances at any time.

Block out no leave time

For some businesses’ there are certain times of the year that you can’t afford to have people away on leave. To prevent this, TimeTec Leave allows you to block out dates where people cannot take leave and ensure smoother operations during busy periods.

Workplace compliance

Annual and personal leave are legal requirements for all your part-time and full-time employees. By logging all leave via TimeTec Leave you can ensure that you have accurate records and prove to both employees and other stakeholders that your processes are compliant with labour laws.

Track leave trends

After a few years of using TimeTec Leave you can begin to track trends on employee leave and create systems to avoid staff members taking leave at the same time. You can also combine data from TimeTec Leave with other time and attendance recording systems to generate helpful reports about employee work habits.
Want to breeze through your leave processes? TimeTec Leave is a great way to upgrade your current time and attendance recording systems. To learn more about TimeTec Leave and our other time and attendance recording systems, contact BioAccSys Australia today.