FingerTec TA500 Fingerprint Time Clock

FingerTec TA500 is the most affordable, reliable and simple biometrics time attendance terminal, which is robustly built and can contain up to 2000 fingerprint templates and 80000 transaction logs in its flash memory. This is simply the most powerful attendance system which is suitable for small and medium offices. To top it off, this terminal is not built with any core board or processor compared to its predecessors. That said, TA500 verifies fingerprint, password and it accepts card verification upon request as well as being bundled with TCMS V3 for data management.

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FingerTec TA500 Fingerprint Time Clock with Free TCMSV3 software - $550.00 incl GST and delivery Australia wide (24 months manufacturers warranty)

TA500 is easy to operate, connect it to the power source and it’s ready to roll! Comes with in-built battery, you can make it portable for your convenience.

Fingertec TA500 Australia


Intuitive Navigation
Equipped with colored screen LCD and intuitive icons, navigation in TA500 is made simple.

Easy Data Management
IP communication and USB Flash disk are available for your choice of connectivity

Sturdy Exterior
Made from robust materials, TA500 can stand the wear and tear for years to come and it comes with 3 years limited warranty.

Versatile and Secured Verification
TA500 gives you a variety of verification options such as fingerprint, password or card, or combination of options, providing you security and versatility you need.

Small in Size, Large in Storage
The compact TA500 can contain up to 2,000 fingerprints and 80,000 transaction logs, more than sufficient for your office requirements.

Get Your Money’s Worth
This model was designed to offer biometrics solution economically, giving you efficiency and performance without putting a hole in your pocket.

Manage Data Easily
TCMS V3 is loaded with useful features complete with various reports for your business. Its data integration to 3rd party software is made available through the readily available SDK.

If you are looking for an affordable, reliable and simple biometrics time attendance clock, the TA500 is your ultimate choice.  It can store 2000 fingerprint templates and 80,000 transaction logs in its flash memory at any given time.

Equipped with the most commonly used ethernet network connection and USB flash disk, the TA500 is the most powerful, yet simple to use attendance system for your small and medium office.

Fingertec Australia TA500

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