Fingerprint and facial time clocks in the hospitality industry

That’s food for thought!

Whether you run a small café or large hotel chain, keeping track of employees’ hours can be challenging; the more manual the process, the more room there is for error. What if you could have a streamline process that not only keeps accurate time and attendance records, but also assist with payroll, well you can!

BioAccSys Australia are your time management and attendance recording experts, and the best part of all, for less than 10 employees some of our services are free of charge.

Let’s take a look at the reasons the hospitality industry needs fingerprint or facial time clocks.

  • The hospitality industry in the coastal and tourist hotspots can be quite a transient workforce. Keeping tabs on the whereabouts of employees in large venues can be hard, especially if their friends are clocking in and out for them. With fingerprint and facial time clocks there is no buddy clock in’s, if an employee is late, you’ll know about it. Prevent time theft and look forward to a more streamline process.
  • When it comes to catering, why have everyone touching the same fingerprint time clock when you can invest in facial time clocks. A facial time clock is more sanitary and provide a touchless option that can restrict and allow access to different areas of the venue.
  • Collecting manual timesheets can be a challenge; entering timesheets into a system manually is time consuming. Cut down administrative costs and use a time and attendance recording system, the information can be fed straight into your payroll system, so you can ensure everyone is paid accurately and seamlessly.
  • Don’t worry about busy periods, all the processes are in place to deal with a higher volume of staff to pay.
  • Want to project your labour costs? Look at last years, last weeks and last months figures and make a projection based on seasonal trends and changes.
  • Want to know who your hard workers are? Check your time clock logs. Hold on to your reliable staff and monitor those that are consistently late.

Fingerprint and facial time clocks anywhere in Australia

Whether you choose a fingerprint timeclock or facial time clock from BioAccSys Australia you can enjoy seamless timesheet and easy payroll when you export the information to your accounting software, plus the first 10 users are FREE for life. Why not give our user-friendly time and attendance recording systems a go, you might be surprised at just how much you can save?