Facial recognition time clocks in the medical industry

Facial recognition time clocks in the medical industry

If you thought fingerprint technology was impressive, wait until you experience facial time clocks.

BioAccSys Australia is constantly updating and evolving to be at the forefront of technology, and our facial time clocks are another solution for employers, making their job easier, seamless and taking the hassle out of payroll.

The benefits of facial time clocks

Once an employee is enrolled in to the facial technology, they will have a touch-less and hygienic clock in for time and attendance management.

Much like fingerprint time clocks, facial time clocks assist with eradicating stolen time, and employees can’t lose their clock cards, after all you can’t forget your face. Imagine all the time saved with this efficient and streamlined system; no more manual timecards, no more collecting inaccurate data and no more entering employee time into your payroll system manually, it’s all done for you.

Facial recognition technology has become invaluable in the medical and dental industry. As an industry that needs to minimise germs and harmful bacteria, it seems ludicrous to expect every hospital employee to touch the same dirty keypad, and that’s where facial time clocks come in. A touch-less solution to clocking in means fewer cross germs.

BioAccSys Australia can tailor your facial recognition time clocks to allow or deny access to certain areas of a hospital; for example, restricting access to the drugs storage facilities would reduce the risk of theft and misuse for unauthorised personnel.

As doctors and nurses make their way through a hospital, the last thing they want to do in an emergency is sift through their belongings for their clock card, with facial recognition an employee is able to access areas fast and without any hassle due to facial technology.

Facial timeclocks have many uses; from an administrative standpoint they save time, increase efficiency and the processes are in place to deal with a high volume of staff. From a hygienic standpoint, facial time clocks provide a clean and touch-less time and attendance recording system.

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You might find facial time clocks more affordable than you think, and with finance options available you can have access to a user-friendly interface that will make time management and payroll quick, easy and precise.

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