Eliminate buddy punching and switch to fingerprint or facial

Eliminate Buddy Punching And Switch to Fingerprint or Facial | Bundy Clocks Brisbane | Time Attendance Gold Coast | BioAccSys Australia

We all care for our friends, don’t we? After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed! But what happens when friendship can actually be harmful for your company? One of your employee was running late and then they call up their friend in the office and tells them to clock in attendance on their behalf, and their friends comply. However, this merely ‘helpful’ act can pile up from a few daily minutes to a large annual number, equals to minutes of recorded work, with no actual productivity. This is called ‘buddy punching’ and this is a loss for your company. Companies who use swipe cards, proximity cards, or password based soft login systems to login, which can be easily cheated, suffer from this problem.

Technological advancement has brought benefits for all of us, and that’s how this problem is also solved with innovative solutions like biometric attendance systems. These biometric attendance systems clock in employees through their fingerprints or facial ID, or both if chosen. Fingerprint or face ID cannot be replicated or buddy punched, therefore you save a lot of non-productive hours which you’re paying them for.

This is not only helpful for preventing buddy punching, but also provides a layer of extra security that no one other than the employees can punch and open the door to gain access to the office. For latecomers, the rule can be set to count any minutes of late after the designated office start time to sets of 15 minutes and then accordingly the total late minutes at the end of the month can be calculated to impose fine as per company policy. Up to 100 different schedules can be created to accommodate different shift or schedule requirements for different users. Extended facility from this biometric attendance systems can also include using the same attendance data to formulate the payroll.

With fingerprint and/or facial identity based attendance systems you are able to get multiple facilities like attendance tracking, payroll integration, buddy punching prevention, late fine calculation, unauthorised entry prevention, and cloud connectivity. An important part of biometric access solutions are the devices used. BioAccSys Australia brings you FingerTec and TimeTec to seamlessly integrate them with your choice of payroll software. For a demo or any other query, just call 1800 783 782 or send an email to info@bioaccsys.com.au