Deadbolt Bluetooth

BioAccSys Australia bluetooth lock is the latest in keyless technology. Forget riffling around in your bag to try and find your keys or putting your shopping on the floor to free up a hand, now you can enter your home by unlocking the door from your smartphone!

Simply open the app, press the unlock button and PRESTO the door will unlock!

Say goodbye to the days of entering the wrong number on your keypad in the dark. You’ll also never need a locksmith again. No paying an exuberant fee because you can’t find your keys or feeling the frustration of finding them the moment the locksmith pulls away.

BioAccSys Australia’s Bluetooth lock is the solution that will save you time and money!

Deadbolt Bluetooth Lock Display | Bundy Clocks Brisbane | Time Attendance Gold Coast | BioAccSys Australia

What if I don’t have my smartphone with me?

NO WORRIES! BioAccSys Australia’s Bluetooth lock has you covered. As a back-up we provide a bonus back lit keypad where you can set multiple PINs for each user.

AirBnB made easy

BioAccSys Australia’s Bluetooth lock system is perfect for AirBnB owners who want to give temporary access to their guests. Simply generate a timed key pin for the duration of their stay, and once they leave the key pin expires! Too easy!

Letting out multiple rooms? Place a BioAccSys Australia Bluetooth lock on each door and monitor their entry and expiry. Not only will you be adding an extra layer of security to your rentals you will also have a great element of control.

Deadbolt Bluetooth Lock Display | Bundy Clocks Brisbane | Time Attendance Gold Coast | BioAccSys Australia


Admin Bluetooth key: Your admin Bluetooth key is connected via your mobile phone and door lock. The Bluetooth lock unlocks via the app using Bluetooth.

Admin Password: Your admin password is mobile phone and door lock connected. The Bluetooth lock has a permanent master code that will unlock it.

Bluetooth key remote authorisation: Admin has the ability to instantly send Bluetooth keys to other people’s mobile phone app. Admin can limit the use time of any Bluetooth key, and can immediately freeze, thaw and delete the electronic key at any point.

Password remote authorisation: The door lock can send a permanent password and a limited time password in the absence of networking.

Password protection: In the interests of security, the smart lock will automatically lock for 5 minutes when the wrong password is entered 5 consecutive times in a row. You can enter any number of digits prior to keying in the correct password, just make sure the last few digits are the correct password and you can gain entry.

Lower Battery Consumption: 4pcs AA batteries can provide 5000 openings (usually lasting approx. 6 months)

Lower Battery Indicator: When battery power is low, the Bluetooth lock will emit a low battery warning sound. The battery level will also be updated on the app during Bluetooth unlock. If battery power runs out, use the mechanical key.

Real time monitoring: When users use the app or password to unlock the door, the Admin has access to all unlock records on APP.

Real-time reminder: Mobile phone and door lock connected, you can use your real-time reminder by clicking on the upper right corner of the interface to query the record of received Bluetooth keys and more user information.

Deadbolt Bluetooth Lock Display | Bundy Clocks Brisbane | Time Attendance Gold Coast | BioAccSys Australia


  1. Material: Zinc Alloy
  2. Color: Silver
  3. Size: 168*68*25mm
  4. Working model: Bluetooth, pin code, mechanical key
  5. Mobile Application: TTLock (free)
  6. Working power: 4 section AA batteries with approx. 10,000 transactions
  7. Mortise: Single latch
  8. Mechanical Key: Each set with 2 master keys
  9. Keypad: Touch screen password input with backlight
  10. Keyhole: Hidden key hole
  11. Orientation: Can be interchanged for both left and right hand
  12. Working current: <180mA
  13. Keycodes: Can set permanent, timed, cyclic, or one-time keypad pin codes. Ideal for AirBnB owners, produce delivery personnel, cleaners, tradies etc….
  14. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Perfect for AirBnB!

BioAccSys Australia Bluetooth Door Lock app (TTLock), generates a random pin code that can be used for keypad entry on the lock. This allows you to generate a pin code from anywhere in the world instantly! You have complete control of who has granted access to your property, and for a time period that suits you. You can also assign admin staff to manage the lock as well, all the while you can keep track of all transactions made on that lock.

The access options are: –

  • Permanent – No restrictions on access.
  • Timed – The perfect AirBnB door lock! You can provide access at a moment’s notice from anywhere in the world that has mobile reception.
  • One Time – Perfect for those emergency situations when someone needs access quickly! You can provide guest access via a pin code which will be deleted after it has been used once. Great if you can’t get home and someone needs temporary access. The best part is, as the guest only has access once you don’t need to remember to disable their key, it will automatically be done once they have gained access.
  • Cyclic – Weekends or a day/s of the week only. Perfect for people who are security conscious but have a cleaner who requires regular access on a certain date and time.

Included in Package:
1 x Bluetooth lock
1 x pair of mechanical keys
1 x set of screws

Please download our instruction manuals here: