TimeTec Mobile - Cloud Attendance Capturing From Your Smartphone

Timetec Mobile - Time attendance software in your palm - TimeTec Mobile is a real-time solution aimed at providing maximum convenience and flexibility especially to industries that have staff who are constantly on-the-move, enabling them to report their attendance wherever they are. Supervisors as well can experience the convenience of tracking and enforcing attendance policies easier than before, as the TimeTec Mobile connects to the TimeTec server, allowing employees and superiors to use their Android or iPhone to clock-in their attendance, view attendance sheets and print out attendance reports.

Verify attendance anytime, anywhere Whether you're working from home or meeting a client, verifying your attendance with your smartphone is now possible with TimeTec Mobile. All you need is an Internet connection for TimeTec Mobile to capture your verification's time and location and send them to the TimeTec Server.

Keep track of your attendance With the TimeTec Mobile, you can check your own attendance history, enabling you to keep track of your late arrivals at work or early departures so that you can make up for it later on.

Print reports from anywhere Printing attendance reports has never been easier. With TimeTec Mobile, you can generate attendance reports and print them with a WiFi printer, with a few taps of your finger.

GPS location tag TimeTec Mobile comes complete with a GPS locator that tags the exact location at the time of the attendance clock-in, ruling out dishonest and irrelevant data.

Keep tabs while interstate or overseas Sending your staff overseas for meetings/exhibitions is a big investment. With TimeTec Mobile, you can track your staff movements and rest assured that they are in the right place at the right time.

Keep track of tardiness As a manager, you may view the attendance information of all the staff under you with the TimeTec Mobile. Just log in, specify your staff's ID or Name, and view their attendance history. Let the attendance data speak for itself.

Give your staff mobility If you are in a department that deals with frontline customers, you'll understand that reporting attendance at the office is not a matter of black and white. Visits to clients' places often come in between. With TimeTec Mobile, give the freedom to your staff to move around between client's workplaces while still knowing that he/she is working on the job by clocking in their attendance from far.

TimeTec Mobile Features

Mobile Check In

timetec mobile clock in

Print Reports

timetec mobile print reports

Check Attendance

timetec mobile check attendance

Attendance Monitoring

timetec mobile attendance monitoring

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