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TimeTec Beacon - Harnessing Bluetooth Technology For Cloud Attendance

TimeTec Beacon - Attain Accuracy Effortlessly - Time Beacon is a battery powered device that taps on Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, a protocol that is embedded in most smartphones, tablets and other devices of today. BLE protocol allows beacons to transfer files, photos or any digital information with minimal power after a simple and secure pairing process. Time Beacon broadcasts its unique identities or information to nearby smartphones, tablets and other devices via BLE through one-way communication from the beacon to the devices only. The broadcast information can be variety such as unique IDs, web addresses, geolocations and etc. To use Time Beacon, users need to install appropriate mobile app into select devices for the information to be broadcasted by the beacon, and translated into useful information for users to view in the software.

TimeTec Beacon can be a cost effective replacement for conventional checkpoint device for guard tour, punch clock or biometric devices for time and attendance clocking and it comes with waterproof case for outdoor installation.

Keep track of your attendance With the TimeTec Mobile, you can check your own attendance history, enabling you to keep track of your late arrivals at work or early departures so that you can make up for it later on.

GPS location tag TimeTec Beacon uses the mobile phone GPS service to log the exact location at the time of the attendance clock-in, ruling out dishonest and irrelevant data.

Keep tabs while for tradies Mount on a ute or trailer and use it as a clocking point for all mobile staff members or tradies.

Install Time Beacons at specific locations for staff’s attendance clocking and the staff needs to open TimeTec TA App on their smartphone and scan the nearby beacon to record their attendance. Work codes and/or activity codes can be assigned to label the worked hours on the employee timesheet. Arrivals, departures and break times are recorded by the smartphone on site, and the administrator can access TimeTec TA cloud solution and get the real-time data for further analysis. The deployment of Time Beacon and mobile app in today’s BYOD or Bring Your Own Device environment gets you to save on the hardware cost for time clocking and it brings convenience to both employer and the staff alike.

Fingertec Timetec Beacon Mobile 2 | Bundy Clocks Brisbane | Time Attendance Gold Coast | BioAccSys Australia

TimeTec Beacon Installation

Fingertec Beacon Install | Bundy Clocks Brisbane | Time Attendance Gold Coast | BioAccSys Australia

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