The advantages of cloud-based time and attendance recording management mobile applications

The advantages of cloud-based time and attendance recording management mobile applications

When you have staff that aren’t based in the office or workplace it can be hard to keep track of who is where and what they are doing. Running a business where the staff are remotely based is hard work. A team of tradies spread out on a number of jobs on a regular basis can include a lot of juggling, but BioAccSys Australia has a solution that can improve efficiency and give you a greater sense of control.

BioAccSys Australia’s cloud-based time and attendance recording mobile application with built-in GPS locator gives you greater visibility over your most precious asset, your staff.

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Making payroll easy

Making payroll easy

When it comes to working smarter not harder, BioAccSys Australia is the authority in streamlining processes, reducing manual handling and double entry.

Whilst payroll is relatively straight-forward it can be very time-consuming and the more manual the process the more it is likely to be riddled with errors.

Whilst timesheets mean you get paid, they can often be overlooked by staff and incorrect information can be entered, and not always on time.

At BioAccSys Australia we work hard to make your life easier.

By designing time attendance management software that integrates into payroll software such as, MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks, Reckon One and Attache’ you can enjoy a more streamline and accurate process.

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Special Offer For 2019

As an employer, you might already know that employee labour is generally one of the biggest expenses for a company, but what if you’re paying for nothing? Did you know a study by the Payroll Association has estimated that companies with 30 employees lose about $387.00 a week in lost time?

Employee labour is expensive, but staff are also integral to the running of a business. So how can you stop overpaying for your staff?

Talk to BioAccSys Australia, our solution costs as little as $5.33 per day based on an annual contract.

Whether it’s colleagues clocking in for one another, staff are late or leave early; a time and attendance recording system that works using your employees fingerprint or facial recognition, will account for every second.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to consider Fingerprint time clocks, and facial recognition time & attendance recording systems with our special deals. Contact us for a special deal on a biometric attendance tracking system.

Our 2019 Special Offer packages is for all business owners across Australia until 31st March 2019. All Time Attendance Systems have an option to integrate with major payroll systems such as MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks, Reckon, Attache besides generating 26 different reports in Excel and pdf

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Payroll Made Easy

Streamlining your processes can save your company time, money and valuable resources. When processes are manual it leaves a lot of room for human error and usually that is when issues arise.
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How facial recognition is transforming the workplace

Facial recognition is leading the way in contactless recognition technology. Having been the type of technology that is usually reserved for futuristic movies or high security buildings; facial recognition has become a useful tool for businesses in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and Australia-wide.

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Keep track of your mobile employees

When you have employees constantly on the move it can be hard to monitor them, but not anymore. BioAccSys Australia has developed a cloud attendance system that gives you full visibility of your staff on any job, whether they’re in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or anywhere in Australia.Continue reading

Revolutionising Airbnb guest check in?

The hotel industry has had quite the shake up with AirBNB flooding the market with a range of accommodation that can suit any taste or budget.

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How Bioaccsys Australia can assist with your quotes

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The Autonomy of Your Finger Print

Who needs a time card when you have your finger print; you can’t forget it and it’s one of a kind. Finger prints are pretty amazing and unique to every person. So, lets take a look at these one of a kind impressions we all have.
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Affordable time clocks for employee time attendance in Australia

When you have a running business and own organisation to take care of, you must be careful and mindful of its various aspects and day to day operations. In handling day to day operations, one of the most important aspect to monitor is the clocking in and out time of the employees. A lot of resource is put into making the workplace a good one and there are organisational goals to fulfil, which requires commitment and integrity from the employees with dedicated effort on a daily basis. However, there should also be some kind of regulation and moderation, and as a part of it along with making the whole process digitised and modernised, a time clock for employee time attendance should be installed.

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