BioAccSys brings time clocks and timesheets to Xero

BioAccSys Australia is pleased to announce that not only are we integrated with MYOB, Reckon, Quickbooks and Attaché to name a few – but we’ve just integrated with Xero.

About Xero

Xero is an easy to use, online based small business accounting software which comes with all the timesaving tools needed to grow your business. Other features include automated daily bank feeds, bills, invoicing and more.

About TimeTecTA

TimeTecTA Software uses web technology to modernise traditional employee punch in/out time clocks on smart phones, tablets, computers or any of the BioAccSys biometric devices.

The captured information is immediately available to the Administrators of the TimeTecTA cloud-based software for tracking and management. This live information is available for analysis, reporting and integration with accounting systems including MYOB, Reckon, Attaché, Unipay, QuickBooks and Xero.

About Xero time clocks, attendance and web-based software

BioAccSys Australia has a range of compatible Xero time clocks on offer ranging from fingerprint, facial, and RFID card based systems. These Xero time clocks can then be synced with the web based TimeTec TA software where all the attendance management tools are made available to ease the process of timesheet management for any business.

How BioAccSys time clock integrates with Xero

BioAccSys Australia seamlessly integrates with Xero using our newly designed and developed integration platform. This allows you to sync your attendance data directly with Xero hassle free with just a few clicks of a button.

If you have been searching for an affordable web-based Time Clock solution to track your employee attendance at the office or factory or outlet with payroll integration to MYOB, Reckon, Attaché, Unipay, QuickBooks and Xero, then contact us for a demo by sending an email to [email protected]

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