How Bioaccsys Australia can assist with your quotes

As a business you need to make sure when you quote a job that you cover costs and make a profit, but also that your costs aren’t over inflated, so you price yourself out of the market. The best way to quote on a job is by getting as much accurate information as possible.

Time clocks can give great insight

Short of pulling a number out of the air, how do you accurately quote a job? BioAccSys Australia is a useful tool for accurately quoting jobs.
You have access to real-time data and projects, when you analyse this you can get a better understanding of how long a job takes. By being able to track the manpower involved in a job you can identify patterns and time-frames.
When you are quoting on a job, the most varied and unpredictable cost seems to be labour.
When you use a time and attendance recording system from BioAccSys Australia you can monitor, record and report on the hours spent on site at a job, giving you good intel and good insight to how long a job takes.
With accurate time-keeping you can start to develop precise estimations on quotes, and if the job runs longer than anticipated, you can provide accurate information that a client can’t refute.
Is a job taking longer than usual? Why? Time clock systems give you an overview of how long a job is taking and puts you in control.

Your time attendance and access control specialists

Why leave things to chance when your time and attendance recording system will assist you with an overview of times and wages. Call BioAccSys Australia on 1800 783 782 and see how a time clock system can assist in many areas of running your business. Why make life harder on yourself?