The Autonomy of Your Finger Print

Who needs a time card when you have your finger print; you can’t forget it and it’s one of a kind. Finger prints are pretty amazing and unique to every person. So, lets take a look at these one of a kind impressions we all have.
Did you know even identical twins have their own fingerprint? No two people have the same impression.

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What is a finger print?

A finger print is essentially the pattern that the grooves in your fingertips make. Your fingerprint is the impression left by those grooves on your fingertips.

Did you know that your finger print is even more unique than your DNA and as you age your fingerprint won’t change?

What are the different types of finger prints?

Autonomy Finger Point | Bundy Clocks Brisbane | Time Attendance Gold Coast | BioAccSys Australia

Loops – As you can see from the image, the loop starts at the bottom of the finger, hits the top of your finger and then drops down again.

Whorls – Some fingerprints have s whirly circular pattern as shown in the above image.

Arch – Arches slope slightly up and then down again.

Fingerprints are easy to collect, and a great way to identify someone. Since each person’s finger print is unique, identifying them via their finger print is an accurate way to verify a person.

The uses of finger prints

We’ve all heard of our finger prints being used for catching and convicting criminals, but did you know it is also being more widely used for time clocking?
When you are looking for a time attendance management system that will provide an accurate time recorder for your business, BioAccSys Australia provides the accuracy of finger print time clocks.
Finger print time clocks mean you have an accurate idea of who is starting and finishing work and when, time theft is a thing of the past.

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