Attaché employee time sheets and biometric time clocks

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The world has made significant progress in everything in terms of technology. Modern workplaces have employed state-of-the-art technology for their employee attendance and payroll management through devices and web solutions. BioAccSys Australia is pledged to serve in this sector through innovative attendance recording devices and by integrating with popular payroll management systems like Xero, Reckon, MYOB and Attaché.

About Attaché

Attaché is a well-known and popular payroll and accounting software. It supports cloud-based real-time management across the entire business which can also be at a global scale. It reduces the time and cost of processed pays. It has the power to grow alongside the company and store detailed information about each employee. It has both online and offline operational modes.

About BioAccSys Australia and TimeTec TA

The two ends of a well-managed employee attendance recording system includes a central point where the login input is taken and a storage or database where all the login data is stored. BioAccSys Australia offers a perfectly combined solution for total employee management in a smooth and efficient way. With devices like FingerTec and TimeTec TA, fingerprint and facial recognition based time-tracking has never been easier. For further processing, payroll integration and management softwares like Attache, MYOB, Reckon and Xero come in.

How Attache integration works

Integrating with Attache is made easy with our time attendance export function. Select Attache from our payroll export functions, configure the export format the first time (matching the fields from TimeTec TA and Attache which is done the 1 time only), and export the file. The last step is importing the file into Attache to transfer all attendance information hassle free.

BioAccSys Australia is proud to bring you world class solutions for integrating top tier payroll management software and solutions with time clocks. To get more information just call 1800 783 782 or send an email to