About Us

BioAccSys Australia Time and Attendance Recording Systems is the market leader around the world in computerised time clock systems, offering integrated Time Management and Access Control Solutions far greater than old bundy clock systems. Established in 2004 and more than 6000 Fingertec products are being used across Australia, New Zealand, Oceania and across the world.

Business Owners in Australia can save time and money with biometric time clocks as a time and attendance solution. BioAccSys has the best deals on biometric technology time clocks as well as other access control systems.

See how BioAccSys's biometric time and attendance system can save your organization in Australia time & money. Learn more about our innovative biometric attendance system and cloud based time attendance system. Our technical and customer service team will be able to assist in getting the best solution for your organisation.

Time Attendance Models can gather and process information about employees’ attendance using facial recognition, fingerprints, passwords and various cards such as RFID, Mifare & HID. Plus with the cloud based software you can clock in using a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose BioAccSys Australia

Top Quality Hardware

1. CE and C-Tick Approved means BioAccSys's hardware has been tested and meets Australian Standards. Proven 1:N verification, basic and advanced time and attendance settings. BioAccSys products have proven to be reliable and user-friendly across Australia and world-wide.

Extended Product Warranty

2. When you purchase a BioAccSys system it now comes with 36 months warranty from the purchase date. With most products in the market only offering a 12 month warranty, FingerTec show confidence in the reliability of their products with their extended warranty.

Cloud Based Software

3. The TimeTecTA cloud based software makes it easy to monitor employee time attendance, rostering and payroll management from anywhere in the world. Great for small business and businesses with multiple locations.

Extensive Technical Support

4. Access to the hardware and software manuals in CD and pdf formats. Extensive videos on technical modules. You also have options for email, phone and remote technical support in Australia. Remote installation, training and support available Australia-wide including Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart and Canberra.

Going Green All-in-one CD

5. The Going Green CD contains everything you need. With a goal of reducing the carbon footprint associated with multiple CD's and paper manuals, FingerTec have now compacted their software, video guides, quick start guides, installation guides and manuals into one CD. These manuals can also be printed if required.

Payroll Software Integration

6. In addition to creating 26 different reports in Excel or pdf, you can export to major payroll accounting software’s  like MYOB, Reckon, Quickbooks, Xero, etc. We can also assist in customisation.

Australian Based Company

7. Australian based company with extensive experience in employee time attendance monitoring  and biometrics technology. We offer solutions for small to medium sized businesses, up to large global enterprises. Our solutions have always delivered increases in efficiency, accuracy and most importantly have reduced costs. BioAccSys Australia provides a comprehensive implementation process, training and support services to ensure that that you get the best return from your investment.

BioAccSys Australia is fast becoming the preferred choice in a Time & Attendance with Access Control devices for offices, factories, warehouses and retail outlets through-out Australia. Australian businesses are seeing the benefits in employing a fingerprint or facial recognition system for managing their employees as it decreases inaccuracy caused by manual data entry and 'buddy punching'.

Aside from BioAccSys's competitive price, BioAccSys put a lot of emphasis on bridging the gap between technology and our customers to significantly reduce implementation time and costs.

Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote on a time clock that will best suit your business.

Finance option available. Minimum finance amount is $1000.