Time Attendance Management System For All Business Owners

BioAccSys Australia specializes in FingerTec biometric time attendance clocks that simplify your payroll. From fingerprint to facial to GPS enabled mobile time clocks, BioAccSys Australia is your number 1 payroll solution.

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TimeTec TA Cloud

Say NO to manual time sheets and switch to cloud attendance monitoring!

 User friendly
 Easy to use
 Fast
 Records automatically
 Saves a lot of time
 Records details accurately
 Avoids early punching, late punching and buddy punching easily
 Better security
 Integrates into payroll systems, account systems and billing systems easily
 Flexible
 Prevents time theft
 Saves money for the company
 No Software installation
 Web and Mobile enabled

Benefits of Biometric Time Attendance Systems

fingertec time clock

Advantages of BioAccSys Australia Time Clocks

 Require low cost compared to other models
 Come with stylish and contemporary designs
 Easy to install – can be installed on the wall or on the customized flexible stand
 Integrate various verification methods – facial, fingerprints, passwords, RFID/ HID/ MIFARE cards
 Support large number of users and have huge transaction storage capacity
 Include useful time attendance features like siren, work codes, extended user ID and DIY attendance report
 Integrate with various payroll software such as MYOB Payroll, MYOB EXO, Wage & Easy, Sybiz & Unipay

Automate payroll

3 Big Advantages of BioAccSys Australia Biometric Time Clocks

1. Eliminating “buddy-punching” incidents, collecting clocking data systematically, managing data quickly and effectively via software and providing ease of use with combinations of fingerprint, password and RFID/MIFARE/HID card
2. Provides completely contactless identity verification via face recognition, making it easy for users to verify themselves without having to use their hands.
3. Australian company experienced in this industry since 2004

BioAccSys Australia Popular FingerTec Product Range

FingerTec TA700W – Fingerprint Time Clocks for small business

FingerTec TA700W is built for cost-effectiveness, so that startups, smaller companies or those with a smaller budget set aside for time management system can still deploy the solution to better their operation. This device holds an amazing capacity for fingerprint templates and transaction records, plus it can be synchronized with TimeTec TA cloud software for easier data management.

FingerTec TA200plus - Fingerprint Time Clock

The FingerTec TA200+/Q2i with RFID, PIN, and Biometric authentication is an amazing investment for any small business. This complete biometric time and attendance system can eliminate buddy punching, payroll, disputes and will literally pay for itself in nearly no time at all.

FaceID4 – Facial Time Clock

The FingerTec Face ID 4 series is an ideal solution that is suitable for small and medium enterprises, as well as those in need of a reliable, contactless solution including face recognition, pin-code and RFID card Face ID 4 is designed with the users’ convenience in mind, whereby the terminal is engineered specifically to facilitate easy positioning and alignment of a user’s face for a hassle-less verification.

FingerTec FaceID2 – Facial/Fingerprint Time clock

BioAccSys Australia Time Clocks Australia is pleased to present the FingerTec FaceID2 Biometric Time and Attendance System which offers a complete time and attendance solution using facial recognition technology for businesses with up to 1,000 employees.



Our company purchased a Fingertec TA200 Plus Time Clock just over a year ago. It has been a wonderful time saver with the ability to generate a multitude of reports at the touch of a button. BioAccSys have always provided a prompt response to any request for assistance. Highly recommend this company and product.

Karin Berndt

Keppel Logistics
I would like to recommend BioAccSys and particularly Jay, who restored our system after we lost both the program and the backup for it through remote logon. He was efficient, very professional and found solutions to the problems at hand. The whole process was unintrusive and carried out very well. Thank you.


Smart Foods
I just wanted to say that we installed the FingerTec fingerprint system 4 years ago and it is still working well and efficient today.

William Pettit

I have been using the FingerTec system since 2006 and I am very happy with it.

Hiro Tanaka

Sushi Train
It extremely easy to use & having the ability to access real time information through the software is the best feature. We are able to export the data directly to our payroll software enabling us to create exceptional reports. Since we started with the first TA100 we bought three additional units for our associated Aged care facilities.

Melissa Ribilotta Vandak

I found the AC101 the greatest addition to my gym. It is not only a time clocking system for my staff for payroll but records the member’s attendance too. I can now access member’s details quickly to give a full report on how many and how long they attend each session. It was the solution of an administrative nightmare. I would highly recommend it to all clubs and businesses if they want to save time and money. Thanks to Pradip of BioAccSys.
Wayne Bartrim of ALIVE Gym & Fitness

Wayne Bartrim

ALIVE Gym & Fitness